Energy with Cindy

Reiki is a style of energy healing that transmits Universal Energy through the hands to heal and reduce stress that has been stored in our energy field. There is a theory that every thought or experience one has had in one's life will imprint onto one's own energy field. And it is certain thought patterns, behaviors or experiences that one encounters in one's life that gets repeated because those energy patterns thicken and expand closer to the body resulting in physical and emotional pain.

This Universal Energy will go through the physical and subtle bodies to encourage gradual release of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins that has been stored in the memory of the cellular structure. 

So are you ready to release unwanted energy? If you are fully committed to healing then I am willing to assist you through the process. Schedule your appointment today.




  Cindy is certified in both Holy Fire Usui and Karuna® Reiki. Book your session today and experience the positive affects that you will encounter through Reiki. The location for Cindy's practice is in Echo Park, California 90026. If you are interested in taking courses in either Holy Fire Usui or Karuna® Reiki please contact Cindy at (213)793-5964 or send her an email at to discuss dates of availability.


Energy with Cindy

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Cindy Sanchez

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