Energy with Cindy


Sekhem-Khrem Benefits:


Sekhem heals on all levels of the mind, body and spirit as it dissolves blockages and releases wounds from the past and present. 


It promotes the courage within yourself to make the changes necessary to step into who  you are.


This powerful energy works deeply to shift long held beliefs and patterns.


If you would like to experience this powerful healing energy book your session today.



The Goddess Sekhmet:


Sekhmet is the lion-headed Goddess whose name means Power or Sacred Might.  


Sekhmet is known as the primordial Goddess of life, death and resurrection.


Sekhmet is associated to Sekhem-Khrem as the guardian who protects the energy.


Sekhmet helps one release what no longer serves them and to transform one's life. 

Cindy Sanchez

Sekhem-Khrem Healing

Sekhem-Khrem is an ancient Egyptian healing modality that channels energy from Sirius, Orion and the Lemurian Star systems. This energy operates on a higher vibrational frequency. So, Sekhem-Khrem powerfully cleanses, clears and balances the body's cellular DNA. For more information about Sekhem-Khrem Healing visit Master Helen Belot's page

Healing Session:


1 hour  $150.00

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